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Nuru Massage NYC — [sensual] massage by [professional] masseuses

The Japanese have long known that it is possible to achieve amazing sexual sensations without intimacy — all this is called Nuru Massage. These sessions do not involve deep study of tissues and muscles, they are aimed at achieving general relaxation and sexual relaxation. 

The power of this massage surpasses the traditional means of combating depression and fatigue. During the session, you will completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world with all its troubles. The pleasant body of a girl makes you forget about everything and concentrate only on getting pleasure.

Japanese Nuru technique is very suitable for men who want to improve sexual energy. It is simply necessary for women who dream of looking irresistible. Erotic massage will charge you with positive emotions and give you incredible pleasure. 

There is no more sensual massage session than Nuru massage performed by masseuses of our salon in New York. Instead of traditional manipulations with his hands, the master uses the natural curves of his body, delivering a lot of amazing sensations to his client.

This type of massage is unique and almost out of competition. The Nuru technique resembles Thai, but it uses a special gel that makes the skin slippery, tactile exciting and very pleasant. 


If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your sex life, a Nuru massage might be something worth considering. This allows each individual member of the couple to get better acquainted with their erogenous zones. Like traditional massage, it allows people to get rid of the stress of everyday life. 


1. Are the photos of the girls on the site real? Yes, all the photos on the site are real and belong to the girls who work for us now.

2. Does your salon provide intimate services? No, sex services are not provided in our salon. Our «hobby» is erotic massage.

3. Do girls do massage in underwear or without? The girls perform all the programs completely naked. You will not have to pay extra for the masseuse to take off her panties or let you touch her breasts or buttocks.

4. Can I order an individual program? We always meet our guests halfway. If you want to spend a holiday or a party with us or fulfill your personal erotic fantasy, call our administrators – they will help you make a choice and orient you on the price.

5. How often do they change the bed linen in the rooms? All guests of our salon receive high-quality disposable bed linen, slippers and towels.

About author 

As a real lover of erotic massage, I recruit only the best professionals from Eastern Europe or Asia to my salon.  My vast experience in this field allows me to choose the best of their best, and I also participate in the preparation of massage programs myself. 

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